Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here are a few extra pics of Kiera. The glow is either a blanket to prevent the jaundice from getting worse and hopefully get it down before it requires the full blown infant tanning bed or her natural angelic glow shining decide, but I think the evidence is clear.

Kiera is now sporting some artwork from Maddy in her extended stay suite, which we will upload later. It is quite cute and she wrote both of their names on it.

As of day 7 in NICU hell...err...heck...gotta watch my language afterall...she is doing a bit better and gained some weight. Once she takes her feedings by herself and remembers to breathe all the time for 5 straight days they should send her home with us. My guess is a week or so, but tough to say and the doctors still say 1-4 at least they agree on the low end...I don't know what they are thinking, we watch House AND a 4 year old says she can come home, so not really sure what they are waiting for....

Okay, off to play some Mario Party with said 4 year old...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Maddy's spring concert

Maddy's spring concert was this week and it was really cute. Here are some video clips.
Love the little guy behind Maddy!