Friday, February 29, 2008


Could it be? Even though it snowed last night (thanks Nate!) there is hope that spring is coming.

This cardinal was in the backyard today and I was so excited to see it that I ran outside without my coat to snap a few pictures.
Oh yeah and for those of you keeping track, I broke the vacuum today. Well not really, the belt just snapped but I had a moment of sheer panic when it stopped working. Nate told me not to touch the BBQ.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Ok, crisis averted. The $5 cable has been shipped, received, and reconnected. Bring on the snow.

As Maddy like to say, "daddy fix it".

Also on the fixed list, the laptop I'm typing this on. Had to install a new hard drive and install XP again. Of course it wasn't quite as straight forward as I would have hoped (learned I had to go into the BIOS and all that). But after a day of downloading and installing patches and what not, it is back up and running. The advantage is it is back to booting up really quick and all that too.

Ok, off to bed.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

So we are in our new house! Yippee! I have been trying to get everything unpacked this week, it seems like I am just shuffling boxes from one part of the house to another right now. Some of the weeks highlights include:

Nate getting a snow blower (snow thrower?) from one of the guys he works with. He spent at least an hour clearing off the patio on Sunday. It was layer after layer of snow and ice.
I tried it out on Tuesday morning after we got about 7 inches of snow. About a fourth of the way through it broke. It was just a cable that broke so it wasn't that big of a deal but man, I have been the kiss of death with things lately. First my laptop, then Maddy's nose then the snow blower. What?! Maddy's nose you say. Last week we were at Costco and she was pushing the cart and she tripped and hit her nose on the bar at the bottom of the cart. It started bleeding while I was going through the check out and I had nothing on me to staunch the flow so we let it bleed a bit. Once we got to the car I asked her if her nose was OK and she said, "Nose broken" Really though, she's OK. But she likes to tell us when things are broken. Take the TV for example, the cable wasn't set up so we had no picture.... See for yourself

Here's a cute picture of Maddy goofing off.

I will be better at taking videos and pictures now that things are settled.
If you really want a treat I did a walk through of the house when it was still empty and narrated in my very own style (if you can call it that). Check out
Don't laugh at me too much. Also that is where I put extra video and picture of us that don't make the blog, so feel free to bookmark it and check back often. Seriously I have to go now because this post has taken me more than an hour to do.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catching up

Wahoo!! I have my new laptop so I can once again join the internet age. I don't know how people survived without internet. I did remember that the phone book is a great resource (but it doesn't tell me how to spell stuff so I also needed a dictionary).

Here are a few pictures of Maddy's room. I am so excited to get her in her own space.

Here is the kitchen from the upstairs loft. I can't wait to get in there and start cooking. We close tomorrow at 3 and even though the moving truck isn't going to arrive until
Saturday morning I plan on spending the night. Yippee!! Maybe we will even meet some people and have some friends. OK a few more pictures.

This is Maddy's area in the basement. The wall is a chalkboard and part of it is magnetic. So cool.

Here is our area of the basement soon it will have a TV and some furniture. Maddy loves to run around the open space.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We're Homeless!!!

Ok, well sort of....we don't own a home, which may be different than being actually homeless since we have this temporary apartment. We sold our house in Washington today (for those keeping track, that is a day earlier than expected). So we are still on track to close on our house here in the winter wonderland on Friday.

We stopped by the new house on Monday to take some measurements and then go buy some new furniture. For those that come visit, you'll enjoy the new couch...for those that don't...well you are missing is really comfy.

Traci's new laptop is on the way, so should probably order internet service and either cable or satellite. Once that all happens, expect new pics/vids.

Monday, February 11, 2008


It seems I have finally broken my laptop for good. So I guess the Wehunt blog is going on hiatus until I can get my laptop fixed, get the desktop out of storage or get a new computer.

The cool thing is I am posting this blog from a Sears internet lounge in the mall. That's pretty cool.

If you really need me call my cell and I will probably answer. :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sledding again

Here is Madelyn sledding by herself. We are bracing for another cold front but it shouldn't be to bad this time around I feel like we are old pros at this stuff now.

We decided to head to Dunkin Donuts today because they are everywhere so we figured they must be good right? WRONG. It was terrible but at least I know and I can cross donuts off of my list of must haves... unless I can find that Krispy Kreme again. :o)

Stacy said I had to.. So here it goes.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

  1. Working at my aunt's montessori school
  2. Living in an apartment with Nate (already married 2 years)
  3. Talking about moving to Seattle so Nate could go to school

5 things I was doing 5 years ago:

1. Working at Wamu as an Administrative Assistant
2. Getting settled in our first house in Everett
3. Hanging out with Kate

5 things I did today:

1. Road trip to Dunkin Donuts (not so good)
2. Sledding with Nate and Maddy
3. Made breakfast
4. Emptied Dishwasher and picked up toys
5. Read Stacy's blog.. which brings me here. :)

5 things I'll do when I have a billion dollars:

1. Buy a plane so I can go visit people and places when I want.
2. Pay off parents houses or buy them new ones.
3. Set the nieces, nephews and Madelyn up for college.
4. Buy a big house in Maui for all of my friends and family to stay at when they are there.
5. Take a cruise around the world and see all the great places and buy houses along the way

5 places I've lived:

Spokane WA
Mt. Lake Terrace, WA
Bothell, Wa
Everett, WA
Buffalo Grove/ Vernon Hills, IL

5 jobs I've had:

1. Concession stand at a Racetrack
2. McDonalds (grill, counter, drive thu, pseudo manager)
3. Day care "teacher" (really glorified diaper changer)
4. Telephone banker
5. Administrative Assistant

5 things you may or may not know about me:

  1. I wish I could sing -you know really sing like Kelly Clarkson
  2. I have moved more in the last 10 years than I did my entire life
  3. I can touch my nose with the tip of my tongue (gross but true)
  4. I am an expert bubble blower and gum snapper (much to Stacy's chagrin)
  5. I dream of being Martha Stewart- without the prison sentence
  6. I suck at remembering what I did 10 years and even 5 years ago

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow lessions and bath time

We got about a foot of snow yesterday. Maddy and I found a little hill just outside the apartment so we went sledding. I'm still sore today- Man I need to hit the gym.

I decided to venture out today I thought the mall would be a good idea. Today's lesson and I hope everyone can learn from it: clear the snow off of the roof of your vehicle. I'm driving along and WHAMO all the snow from the roof goes sliding down my front window. Needless to say the wipers couldn't handle it and I couldn't see so I had to try to get out of traffic enough so I could stop and clear the window. So after that I turned around and went home.. partially because I was soaked with frostbite starting on my fingers because in my haste I didn't put my gloves on and it was faster to clear the snow with my hands and partially becuase I just wanted to get off the road -it was, as we like to say in the Annis house, trecherous.

On to other things. Maddy has been talking and singing and "reading" like crazy lately. Here she is in the tub (content may not be suitable for children under 13)

Here are some other pictures of her with her new glasses for all of you who have been asking me about them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Not much happening today. I just had to post something because its super Tuesday and also Fat Tuesday, thus the title of super fat Tuesday.

Maddy had music class today and she really has a great time there. I keep forgetting to bring the camera and then when I do remember (like today) forget to take pictures. Maybe next week.

We also went to the library today. Maddy saw a Clifford stuffed animal (you know the big red dog) and said it was an Elmo dog. It really does look like Elmo - the kid is wicked smart. We also did a shape puzzle, and she kept pointing out the diamond. I have been telling her to tell daddy that mommy wants diamonds for Valentines Day. I bet I am out of luck because I am getting a new house. Hey I can try right? :)

But the best part of today was that I got an "I love you mama" And it was spontanious... no prompting.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Our Tax dollars at work...kind of...well, this is part of what they'll be used for at least. You see, they have a lot of property tax where we are living, but unlike most of your tax dollars, you can actually see some benefit from these. Take for example this:

What you see here is mom taking a picture about 3/4 of the way up a sled hill that they built...yep, no real hills, so they had to build a big hill. It is pretty nice and uniform with several different sled runs, some with more bumps/jumps than others, but with gates at the top (you can see the closest gate if you look at the top to the right). Very much like a giant cheese wedge laying on it's side...but with snow...and fences...and not smelly....oh, and an ice rink at the bottom (wasn't open today though). And here you probably thought I was going to make some comment about me being the one playing pack mule and mom taking the photos...just face it, moms are smarter than dads so we have to do what we do best and haul stuff.

Ok, here we have Maddy just showing off. You see, she's so advanced she can not only ride a sled backwards on her first day of sledding, but she can multi-task by make snow angels at the same time.

Here we have a high speed lens going, because she is obviously riding down a very steep double black diamond run...yep, backwards again.

And here we have Madelyn showing daddy how it is done. She was kind enough to take daddy along for the ride so some day he too can sled like a champ. You can't actually hear it here, but she was saying Wooooo! every time we hit a bump.
Ok, now a quick strange but true story before I sign off for the night. That sled we were riding down in the video took us all day yesterday to find. Madelyn had her own (the white one in the pics), but it wasn't quite big enough for two of us, so we thought we'd just make a quick run to the store to buy seems we missed sled buying season. For some reason the stores in the area thought there would be no need to sell sleds when more snow came. Lucky for us Costco once again showed they were smarter than most retailers and had them in stock.

Friday, February 1, 2008


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Stop it Mama!!

Ok so either I tell Madelyn stop it too often or I watch too much TV. You may need to turn up the volume on this one -- it's pretty hilarious.

It snowed about 8 inches yesterday/today. Madelyn and I went to play in the snow. I think Nate and I are going to try and find a sled hill in the area tomorrow and test out the sled we got for Christmas.