Monday, March 31, 2008

Furniture has arrived!!

I am happy to report that after over a month we have our new living room furniture! Hooray!
Here is the living room without furniture.

Here is the new furniture.

Once Nate gets home and we get the TV in the entertainment center and the speakers up I will add new (hopefully better) pictures.


I think Madelyn is finally feeling better; but oh boy it was a long laundry filled week. Here is a little video of Maddy and Nate playing soccer last night.

Right now I am watching our backyard very carefully. It has been raining and thundering and lightning-ing (hee hee) since about 4:00 this morning. Here are a few pictures of the backyard, the first one was before I went and cleaned out the drain. The last picture is our little stream, except now it has raging rapids. :)

I am also waiting for our new furniture to arrive. I will post again when it gets here!

Friday, March 28, 2008


I guess the flip side of all of our world travels (or maybe it's just life in the big city) is that Maddy is sick. The dreaded Rotavirus. But even though she hasn't been able to keep anything down since Tuesday, she's been a champ. I am very excited that she had a quarter of an apple this morning and it is still inside (not all over the chair or floor as most other things ended up). We are sad she has already lost about a pound and a half.

So as soon as she is better it's going to be back to half and half to drink and mashed potatoes with butter and half and half. It's hard to get weight on without resorting to junk food. The kid already has an addiction to Chocolate Milk and cookies.

Keep your fingers crossed that she is better by Tuesday, we are supposed to start pre-school that day.

I'll post again when she is better.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Weekend

My folks came for Easter and we had a huge fun filled weekend. Starting on Thursday when we picked up Grandma and Grandpa from the airport. They got a tour of the house and yard. Maddy showed them how she loves to swing.

Friday we ended up with 7 1/2 inches of snow- not bad for the first official day of Spring eh? We made a snow bunny- thanks to Grandma Karen for sending the bunny ear glasses.

Saturday we went downtown and to the Children's Museum and Navy Pier It was a blast, Grandpa had lots of fun sculpting his likeness in clay.

Here is a view of Chicago from Navy Pier.

Sunday we hid a basket for Maddy and then we went to Shedd Aquarium. They have a great show with Dolphins. The aquarium was huge we spent the entire afternoon wandering around.

Monday I took the folks to Shaumburg for some shopping.

We had so much fun with them around, I can't wait for the next visit.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing in the basement

Here's a funny video of Maddy and Nate playing soccer in the basement. Sorry for the camera work, I was trying to play along too. :0) Stick with it though she actually kicks the ball at the end.

This next picture I took in the dark I think it turned out pretty good.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Not much going on

We got a table for the breakfast nook. The top is glass and every little finger print shows. Maybe I'll go get a tablecloth or something. Any ideas out there?

We went to this really cool store yesterday called ABT- I think it's the Taj Mahal of electronic stores. They had the world's largest plasma screen TV on sale for the low price of $114,000.00 They also had a projector with a flight simulator running. The flight simulator is supposedly the same one the Air Force uses. There was also a Sony store and an Apple store. On weekends they give out free cookies and coffee. It was really cool.
We have a chimney sweep coming today to check the chimney. I hope he talks with an english accent and sings like Dick Van Dyke. :o)