Monday, March 10, 2008

Not much going on

We got a table for the breakfast nook. The top is glass and every little finger print shows. Maybe I'll go get a tablecloth or something. Any ideas out there?

We went to this really cool store yesterday called ABT- I think it's the Taj Mahal of electronic stores. They had the world's largest plasma screen TV on sale for the low price of $114,000.00 They also had a projector with a flight simulator running. The flight simulator is supposedly the same one the Air Force uses. There was also a Sony store and an Apple store. On weekends they give out free cookies and coffee. It was really cool.
We have a chimney sweep coming today to check the chimney. I hope he talks with an english accent and sings like Dick Van Dyke. :o)


Grandparents Blog said...

Beautiful table! Looks like a circular rug under would really be cool and keep your hardwoods nice, just need to vac after every meal, espically when you serve toast to grandpa. Glass tops are great! There must be some type of spray to use.

FlyingCats said...

Table is pretty. Can double as a poker table too, yeah? C and I want to plan a trip out soon, maybe May-ish? Let's start tossing out some dates!!!!

Shawna said...


Chris shared your website and I just wanted to say hello and that we love your new house! You must be so excited. We'll come visit some day...Miss you guys.
Shawna and Chris
Ps...what's your new phone #?

Stacy O said...

Love your table! I say a tablecloth or cute placemats would work. Having hardwood floors under the table rocks-Maddy can spill all she wants and you never stain your carpet! haha.

Sam said...

Jim recommends paint! We are really enjoying your blog.