Thursday, May 8, 2008

My inconvenient truth :o)

Let me clarify a few things for those of you who believe that I had a political agenda when I mentioned the movie An Inconvenient Truth. To be perfectly honest, I could care less about politics, when I said the movie was compelling I meant it was compelling from a save the earth point of view, not a Liberal or Conservative or science/pseudosience point of view. I do admit that I made a smart-alecky crack about my Republican friends but that was more because I presumed that the minute anyone saw the name Al Gore that it would become political. When it comes to the environment, to our future I don’t think it’s necessary to split hairs over politics. My point and I did have one, was that the movie made me want to do something more than I was already doing. I think that in itself is enough reason to watch the movie. That was my point.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate arguing/debating and I don’t get revved up about stuff, this revved me up. For once I was feeling like there was something I could do to change the big picture, to make an impact, to leave a legacy, to do something that would make the world better for Maddy. That’s all, no political agenda, I was inspired by a movie about making the planet better.

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Stacy O said...

Nice work Trace...I could also care less about the politics so it never occurred to me about you having an agenda, haha.