Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Nate!

Today is Nate's birthday and all week Maddy has been telling him "Happy Birthday Daddy. " And he says that no it isn't his birthday yet - it will be in a few days. She says OK. Happy Birthday Daddy.

We've had a very busy week, here are the highlights. Last week was the 50th Anniversary of the new home town. They have a summer festival every year and this year's festival was pretty good. Wed. The Gin Blossoms and Credence Clearwater (Revisited, they were missing one or two original members) played a concert. Here is Maddy wearing the latest Illinois fashion for concerts in the park.

Here is a picture of the Gin Blossoms ( I thought the lead singer looked like Kenny Chesney, BTW the lead singer is the tiny guy with the cowboy hat)

Thursday was another concert, but we didn't go for the concert we went for the fireworks and what Nate referred to as Death Rides (Carnival Rides). We weren't going to let Maddy do it but somehow she talked us into it. Here is Maddy on the teacups with a new friend (I was too big to go with her and I was afraid to let her be completely alone in the ride). Sadly, the new friend really didn't want the teacups to spin at all. It was a little hard for me to watch her in the cups all by herself. She did great!

Here we are on the merry-go-round

img> Saturday we had a block party. Maddy loved playing with all the kids. I had my camera but I didn't take very many pictures. One of the other moms is going to send me pictures of Maddy soon I hope. :) Here is one of the pictures I did take of Maddy, she is trying to convince the kids that she is 4.

Wednesday was gymnastics. She loves going to gymnastics and she really is improving each week.

Happy Birthday to Stacy too!!!!


Stacy O said...

Aww thanks!

Oh my gosh, I love the Gin Blossoms! You guys live in a fun area. And the pic of Maddy with the kids, convincing them she is 4 is hilarious, haha. Great pictures.

Stacy O said...

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday Nate!!

Wehunthouse said...

Yeah the best part was that the concert was FREE. Even better!

FlyingCats said...

Ha ha! Convincing the kids she's 4! That's awesome! The other kids look like they are entertained, though, which is always good. And look at her go at gymnastics! I keep thinking back to seeing her soooo tiny in the nicu (I've been watching too much delivery room TV), and she's such a scrappy kid. I don't think she's afraid of much, is she?

Oh, and Happy B-Day to Nate TOO!