Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July in Chicago part 1

The 4th was nice it was about 77 degrees and not humid (and no rain, I can't remember a 4th w/o rain or the threat of rain.) We had some friends over for a BBQ. We played croquet and bocce ball. We could see fireworks from at least three of the nearby towns. Maddy played outside all day and had a blast. Here she is ready for festivities... see how clean she is (seriously who dresses a two year old in white for a BBQ or for anything for that matter?)

We have just been spending the days at the pool or out checking out the area.

I have been trying to keep up the yard and I am fascinated daily by all of the different plants that just keep popping up. Here are a few new things I've found in the yard this week and I don't just mean plants the third picture is a cardinal that comes to that tree every night around 7:30 and sings for a good 20 minutes.

Purple Cone flower
I don't know what this flower is... anyone? As I look I see there is a slug inside that's always nice or not.

The cardinal

And finally I think the patio is done. Our furniture arrived last week and I have spent nearly every morning out there with my coffee.

The blog post wouldn't be complete with out silly Maddy mugging for the camera.

Refusing to look at the camera.


FlyingCats said...

What a ham!!! The deck looks awesome, btw.

Stacy O said...

Ahh, I love Maddy's 4th of July outfit, she is so cute! The deck looks wonderful! Nice work.

FlyingCats said...

A-HA! I beat Stacy to post!!!!! :-)

FlyingCats said...

Hey - I was looking at that first pic of Maddy and she looks like a totally cuter version of V. Posh Beckham. Ha ha ha!