Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I like to potty all the time (Not me, Maddy)

I randomly decided today to start the potty training. OK really I was reading Stacy's post and she said they were starting potty training so I decided to do it too. I really am a follower I guess. :o) We are also trying the 3 day potty training regime (http://www.3daypottytraining.com/). So far I would say we are doing fair to middling. Madelyn has never really been aware of her bodily functions, she has been waking up dry in the mornings for a few months but as far as realizing that she is peeing or pooping I don't think she ever really thought about it. So today is a great learning experience for both of us. The best part of today is that I have really focused on Maddy and we have really connected and I realize how quickly she is growing up and how very very smart she is. I have been singing Home on the Range today and she picked it up. So for your listening pleasure you get to listen to us sing (Maddy is cute, I might be tone deaf). I can't believe I am posting this. (Home on the Range is the state song for Kansas so Grandma and Grand dad Wehunt this is for you. Sorry you have to listen to me too.) ;o)

Here is a picture for this weekend, we were playing at the play area at an outdoor mall. I think this might be one of my favorite pictures of her.
I will keep y'all posted on the potty training.


Stacy O said...

Yahhh Maddy! You are doing great! Can't wait to show Sydney the new video!

I am so glad you mentioned connecting with Maddy-I felt the same way yesterday. We get so busy and do stuff while our kids play, so spending every minute together with Sydney was awesome yesterday too. We even painted! We never do that.

Can't wait to see how it goes tomorrow. :)

FlyingCats said...

Wow! She must have inherited your level of musical intelligence, as she obviously didn't from Nate, given his score....lol. She's such a little girl now. And that is an adorable picture! I see Nate in that one...funny, different pics, different resemblances.

Grandparents Blog said...

Maddy could get on America's Got Talent, what a fun video! By the way, Happy Birthday on Thursday!
Love you, Mom

Jessica Zevely said...

Happy birthday TeeWee!

Maddy is growing up so fast!

Jessica Zevely said...

Ok, that video of you guys singing is the cutest thing...I think we have the next american idol on our hands....YOU..ha ha :)