Monday, September 15, 2008

Grandma Karen's first visit to Chicago

Nate's mom spent the week with us and we had a blast. Nate was working the day I got in from Seattle so he sent a stretch limo to pick up Maddy and me. Wowzers, it was nice!

Tuesday I took Maddy and Grandma to Lambs Farm. It's a farm, restaurant, pet store, thrift shop that provides working and learning opportunities for the developmentally disabled. We went to the petting zoo, pet shop and had lunch.

Here we are brushing the goats.

Maddy really loved the goats, she kept hugging them.
Wednesday we stuck close to home, we just shopped and rearranged furniture.Thursday we hopped on a train downtown. We walked part of the Magnificent Mile, saw the Bean then got on a water taxi to head to the aquarium.This is the Bean.
Here we are on the water taxi.
Maddy and Grandma in front of the salty ol' sea captain
At the aquarium Maddy was making friends with all the kids. Here she is with a new friend checking out the turtles.

Friday was another homebody day.... actually I can't remember what we did so I am assuming we stayed home. :o)

Saturday we hopped on the train again and headed downtown to the museum. It was pouring down rain so we took a taxi from Union Station and when we pulled up to the museum the line went on and on and on. People standing in the rain waiting to go inside, so I made an executive decision and decided we should go to the Planetarium. Maddy is always talking about spaceships and outer space so I figured she would get a kick out of it. She did pretty well and it was fun to see everything.

Nice family portrait, eh? No matter what we did Maddy just wouldn't look at the camera.
Sunday we headed back to the museum and actually got in this time. I have learned that Madelyn needs an interactive museum- one where she can run and jump and play and touch things. She just wasn't that into sitting in her stroller while we read about the exhibits. Hmmm really? What was I thinking.

Sue the dinosaur
Here was something she could touch, although I don't think she was super thrilled with having her picture taken again.
There was a really cool kids play area with an art studio, a music room and a huge room to play in. Here's Maddy playing the xylophone

The blog wouldn't be complete without the random pictures of Maddy throughout the week.

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Grandparents Blog said...

Hmm, do you need a "lawn mower goat"? Looks like you had another whirl wind week. Vacations are so much fun (at least for everyone you entertain). Love the pictures!