Friday, October 24, 2008

A little Halloween Preview

So we have this Fall Fest thing tonight. So here are a few pictures of Sleeping Beauty/Princess Madelyn.

We've been busy painting this week and we are nearly finished. I am hoping we will be done this weekend and I will post pictures of the make-over. For now get ready to say goodbye to the orange bedroom. YIPPEE!!!!!

Oh yeah and Maddy "shared" her stickers with Daddy one night while he was having a little nap.

OK he wasn't really asleep in this picture- because I woke him up with the flash in the first picture- but Maddy wasn't looking so I had to do it again.


Stacy O said...

That is the prettiest princess I have ever seen!! Love her costume, what a beautiful little girl. I like your orange wall-what will the new color be??

Wehunthouse said...

You have to check back and see what the new color is....

What is Sydney going to be for Halloween?

Stacy O said...

I can't wait to see it! Yeah, I couldn't do orange for us so I see why you are painting. Still like the color, just not in our house! haha.
She's going to be a doctor!