Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Disney World part deux

Rats! I had good intentions to post every day. We are having loads of fun, Maddy and I have been doing the park thing solo since Daddy has to work (the reason we are really here, not because I am terribly spoiled). I thought it would be challenging with just me but its been a blast (even without a nap for the last few days).
Maddy loves the shows, we've seen Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo (the musical), Fantasmic, and the Little Mermaid just to name a few and she has been digging it all. It has been so much fun to experience this through her eyes and to really have the time to slow down and be able see everything. I think we have ridden the "Go Merry Round" about 15 times.
She LOVED Goofy's Barnstormer - a kiddie roller coaster (or roller poster in Maddy language). Enough of my dribble here is the real reason you read my blog - pictures!

Face painting this one is called Wishes

the finished product

Minnie Mouse

I had to get in on the face painting too.

She loved this statue- I think we sat here for at least 10 minutes.

See, I told you she loved it. Yes she is kissing Minnie's nose.


Stacy O said...

Aww, looks like you are having so much fun! Maddy is so stinkin cute. Next time see if Nate's company will fly us down too. Now how fun would that be with the kiddos???

FlyingCats said...

She is so adorable. I'm so glad you're having fun!!!!! Can I 'dibs' the pretty heart sweater when she outgrows it???? lol!!!!!!!!! She looks so grown up.