Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday Fashion

Yep this was what she wore. Thank goodness I could put the tights and long sleeve shirt on underneath. :)

This is my yard this morning! Happy Winter!


Stacy O said...

I love the shopping outfit, Maddy has great taste! And her and Syd have the same Minnie hat, so cute!!!
I can't believe you guys have snow! It reached almost 60 yesterday, although it's supposed to rain the rest of the week.

And yes, the gum snapping is the only thing I don't miss about you. haha. Love ya!

Wehunthouse said...

Ha Ha! The snow is pretty but dang it is cold! I haven't been warm since Thursday.
So when you have your baby on the 10th I am having hand surgery...I hope I get bionics but I probably won't. We can talk to each other in our drugged states it will be fun.

FlyingCats said...

Love her fashion sense! Even love the snow more. Lucky!!!