Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We heart Tinker Bell


FlyingCats said...

She looks perfectly thrilled to be Tink! This was the favorite present, wasn't it? You know *know* I'm eying the cool stuff as potential hand-me-down!!!!!

Glad your arm is feeling better!

Spokane Annis' said...

I am so glad it fit and that she liked it...she looks adorable! You know I need a copy of that picture. You should email the full shot of her so we can print it and hang it up. We all miss you guys and hope that we get to see you soon!

Jessica Zevely said...

Maddy is getting soooo big! Merry Christmas to you too! I know, I think it will be impossible to EVER top the new car!! I'm so excited. Merry Christmas!

Love, Yessy