Friday, January 16, 2009

Installation complete

New Floors are in! I think they look fantastic. It was a long 3 days while they were installed but the crew was determined to get it done in 3 days and they did it. I think the worst part was that our garage was full of tools and old floor and new floor and so our cars were outside.

Cars don't like to be outside when its -15 outside.

Now I have the task of cleaning up all the dust and we get to move the furniture back in place tonight.

Front door without a floor

New floor

Dining Room

This is where the most damage was. See the little feet? They were running to get in the picture.

One of the installers signed his name in the dust on the table. Too bad he isn't famous.

The other news is that Maddy is getting new glasses. I haven't found the old ones anywhere. For three days every time I asked her where they were she would tell me they were in Alaska. Then one day she told me she threw them in the garbage. I suppose I'll never know. The thing that drives me crazy is that we were in the same room all day. I can't believe it happened right in front of me. You will see more pictures of Madelyn wearing her patch. We have to have it on her at least 4 hours a day. We just went to the eye doctor and she says that she has a lot of potential in her right eye and it can still get better so I am on a mission to make it so.


Jessica Zevely said...

YAWZA!! nice floors! Oh my gosh those are amazing. I can't wait to watch videos of Maddy tearin' it up. LOL just kidding :) I hope I get to see you again soon!


FlyingCats said...

Love the floors! I won't remind you it will be 75 degrees warmer her today than at your house...ha ha.

Stacy O said...

Love the floors!! That is hilarious that her glasses are in Alaska! Silly girl.

FlyingCats said...

Well, with how cold it's been there lately, it could be Alaska. I bet you a dollar you find her glasses in the great thaw of the spring!

Grandparents Blog said...

The floors are beautiful, what a change! We were in sunny california this weekend, it was a great change from the fog and although not below 0 it had been miserable.