Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maddy's new glasses

We have the new glasses and I like them. Maddy is having a hard time getting them on because they are the kind that hook over her ear and she gets pretty mad, but I hope this encourages her to keep them on!

We haven't been doing much this week, trying to stay warm. We had our first day above freezing since Jan 2nd or 3rd. Friday last week it was -17 when I woke up add the windchill and it was about -40. BRRRRRRRRR This picture is from last Friday she has on a tank top two long sleeve shirts and the sweater, she is also wearing tights, stretch pants and the sweats.

We found out yesterday that my dad needs surgery on his knee for a multitude of ailments so my mom is trying to work it so that the two of them come to Chicago so she can take care of both of us. I am having carpal tunnel surgery and we thought it would be nice if my mom could come help out since I will once again be the one armed bandit. Of course I keep telling her that having dad with one leg is more pressing since I will really only need help getting Maddy in and out of her car seat and maybe washing my hair. It feels selfish for me to have her here if dad is going to need her at home.

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