Friday, April 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I think it rains more here than in Seattle. Now they are talking snow for the weekend! So what do you do with a two year old on a rainy afternoon? Paint.

Nate has been working extra hours this week so Maddy and I went to the store and got art supplies. She really seems to enjoy herself while painting. I am really going to enjoy myself whilst doing laundry. :o)

I have been feeling crafty lately and I am trying to ignore it because I keep thinking I can sew curtains for my windows. Have you seen my windows? They are ginormous. Have I ever sewed in my life? Once- Kate has the blanket to prove it. Did I enjoy it? Not really- too impatient. I need elves to come during the night and sew the curtains for me. So if I ask any of you for sewing supplies ignore the request and give me the number to Calico Corners instead.

OK it's really late and I have no idea why I am up so I am going to sleep now.


FlyingCats said...

I *love* my blanky!!!! It is in my living room on the back of the white lounger. Maddie is way too cute!!!!

FlyingCats said...

I love how she repeats you with such a sweet little voice!

Stacy O said...

That looks like fun! We want to come paint and rock out with you gals!!

Stacy O said...

We've watched this video about 20 times in the O house this evening. Sydney told me she misses Maddy. When you girls coming out?

FlyingCats said...

I keep watching it too! She's just so casual about wiping her hands on her shirt.