Friday, April 11, 2008

Really I do comb Madelyn's hair... I swear

Ok so I was looking through my posts and I noticed that Maddy's hair is always disheveled. So I decided I would take a picture of her right after she got dressed this morning. Not as easy as you would think.

"Hey Maddy, come here so I can take your picture."
"No way mama, you chase me around.. just try and find me I have the best hiding place ever."

"Ok how about a cookie? Will you hold still for a cookie."
"Only if it is chocolate chip"

Back to the crafting I spoke of last night....
I was at Target today and I found a sewing machine for less than $50.00 so I decided to get it. Watch out everyone you just may get some handcrafted "art" for Christmas.


FlyingCats said...

I love her hair, any direction it goes. You can start sewing experiments with receiving I should buy a machine too. V's mom gave us a ton of cotton sheets (full size) that maybe I can convert to crib sheets? We'll see...

Stacy O said...

Ahh, Maddy's hair is perfect, even if it's a bit messy. (Aren't most toddlers?) Wow, you really are a house frau-sewing and everything. Can't wait to see what you sew.