Sunday, February 3, 2008


Our Tax dollars at work...kind of...well, this is part of what they'll be used for at least. You see, they have a lot of property tax where we are living, but unlike most of your tax dollars, you can actually see some benefit from these. Take for example this:

What you see here is mom taking a picture about 3/4 of the way up a sled hill that they built...yep, no real hills, so they had to build a big hill. It is pretty nice and uniform with several different sled runs, some with more bumps/jumps than others, but with gates at the top (you can see the closest gate if you look at the top to the right). Very much like a giant cheese wedge laying on it's side...but with snow...and fences...and not smelly....oh, and an ice rink at the bottom (wasn't open today though). And here you probably thought I was going to make some comment about me being the one playing pack mule and mom taking the photos...just face it, moms are smarter than dads so we have to do what we do best and haul stuff.

Ok, here we have Maddy just showing off. You see, she's so advanced she can not only ride a sled backwards on her first day of sledding, but she can multi-task by make snow angels at the same time.

Here we have a high speed lens going, because she is obviously riding down a very steep double black diamond run...yep, backwards again.

And here we have Madelyn showing daddy how it is done. She was kind enough to take daddy along for the ride so some day he too can sled like a champ. You can't actually hear it here, but she was saying Wooooo! every time we hit a bump.
Ok, now a quick strange but true story before I sign off for the night. That sled we were riding down in the video took us all day yesterday to find. Madelyn had her own (the white one in the pics), but it wasn't quite big enough for two of us, so we thought we'd just make a quick run to the store to buy seems we missed sled buying season. For some reason the stores in the area thought there would be no need to sell sleds when more snow came. Lucky for us Costco once again showed they were smarter than most retailers and had them in stock.


FlyingCats said...

This is awesome! She looks so happy, and totally cute in her snowsuit.

Stacy O said...

What great pictures, love the video too! That is pure craziness they make sled hills but so cool at the same time!

grandmaK said...

Loving the videos. Glad you were able to find a fun sledding hill. Maddie looks like an angel thats why she knows how to make them.