Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Not much happening today. I just had to post something because its super Tuesday and also Fat Tuesday, thus the title of super fat Tuesday.

Maddy had music class today and she really has a great time there. I keep forgetting to bring the camera and then when I do remember (like today) forget to take pictures. Maybe next week.

We also went to the library today. Maddy saw a Clifford stuffed animal (you know the big red dog) and said it was an Elmo dog. It really does look like Elmo - the kid is wicked smart. We also did a shape puzzle, and she kept pointing out the diamond. I have been telling her to tell daddy that mommy wants diamonds for Valentines Day. I bet I am out of luck because I am getting a new house. Hey I can try right? :)

But the best part of today was that I got an "I love you mama" And it was spontanious... no prompting.


Larry & Pat said...

Who needs diamonds when you get the "I Love You".

Stacy O said...

The "I love you mama" is the best huh? I think the kids talk about it on the playground-cause they know we are putty in their hands when they say it. haha.

Stacy O said...

Oh yes, please post tons of pictures and videos. Sydney asks everyday to look at Maddy pics.

FlyingCats said...

Hey - it's not a 'real' post if there aren't any pictures. Why don't you send us some pictures of your blizzard??? LOL.