Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow lessions and bath time

We got about a foot of snow yesterday. Maddy and I found a little hill just outside the apartment so we went sledding. I'm still sore today- Man I need to hit the gym.

I decided to venture out today I thought the mall would be a good idea. Today's lesson and I hope everyone can learn from it: clear the snow off of the roof of your vehicle. I'm driving along and WHAMO all the snow from the roof goes sliding down my front window. Needless to say the wipers couldn't handle it and I couldn't see so I had to try to get out of traffic enough so I could stop and clear the window. So after that I turned around and went home.. partially because I was soaked with frostbite starting on my fingers because in my haste I didn't put my gloves on and it was faster to clear the snow with my hands and partially becuase I just wanted to get off the road -it was, as we like to say in the Annis house, trecherous.

On to other things. Maddy has been talking and singing and "reading" like crazy lately. Here she is in the tub (content may not be suitable for children under 13)

Here are some other pictures of her with her new glasses for all of you who have been asking me about them.


FlyingCats said...

Ha ha ha!!! Funny about the snow on the car. Sounds like a trick I would pull. Once again, your photos show Maddie getting cuter and smarter every day!!!!!

FlyingCats said...

1-2, 1-2, 1-2...2 degrees F, not C. Your forecasted high for tomorrow. Even Maddie can help you count it! Stay warm! I'm trying to get cool. 76 today. But I'm writing a paper, so I don't get to go out and play too