Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Check your mail..

Maddy decided that she needs to get out, so she got herself ready for the mailman to come and get her.


Maddy is going through a phase now where she likes to carry as many things as possible around with her. One day she decided it would be better to use a bucket. Here is a little sample of her antics.



Grandparents Blog said...

Send her over, COD- Special Delivery, Overnight Express, just be sure she is accompanied by Mom and Dad- She is growing up too fast!

Stacy O said...

Aww Maddy!!!!! She is so darn cute, she counts like Sydney, haha. That Dora sweatshirt is the best, Sydney is going to freak when she watches that video. You should come for her birthday party Sept 7th, you wouldn't even need to bring a present, just yourself. :)

grandmaK said...

Ok We checked the mail and no Maddie. What not enough postage? We'll pay the differance, send her quick, we love and miss you all. Mom

FlyingCats said...

From Aaron: "Hi Maddie, it's me Aaron! How come you put stamps on your foot? Was it your mom or dad who did that? Have a great ice-cream sundae day! Bye-By!" -Aaron