Thursday, June 12, 2008

The worst part of the blog is trying to come up with titles for the entries

So in the last week we have has some crazy weather. Last weekend we had major thunderstorms and our first real tornado warning. A tiny tornado touched down in Mundeline about 1 1/2 miles from here. Maddy and I hung out in the closet under the stairs (FYI in case our house falls down). She loved it. Go figure. We also have had rain rain and more rain. But all this week has been above 70 degrees. Yesterday was really nice an today seemed really great too. However, we are now under a flash flood warning and another tornado watch.

Maddy had her first gymnastics class and she had a blast we can't wait for next week.

We are having our deck re-stained. And on Sunday we are having a landscaping company come and clean up the yard. So I have to cram and learn what kinds of plants grow in Illinois so we can add some color to the yard.

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Stacy O said...

Oh Maddy, you are so cute! I miss you so much. Please come out and visit soon.