Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Landscaping, and Gymnastics

We had the yard landscaped this week and I really like it. They did a great job!

Here's the front of the house- this used to be all ivy and the green bushes in the back (the box woods).

Still the front just a different angle.

The swing set- we had them put bark around it. It was starting to turn to mud under the swings and hopefully this is softer.

We had gymnastics today and not only did I remember the camera I also remembered to take pictures!

The little girl you see (after Maddy) is Miriam she is Miss Leah's daughter and a she doesn't really understand why she can't have her mom all the time. She kind of reminds me of Mariah from Pre-school in Everett. (Stacy- do you think its the pseudo mullet that reminds me of her?)The other girl with Maddy is Lilly, I think she plays football with her dad.

Here is Maddy swinging from the rings.

Climbing the wall.

She is really good and I think she really likes it alot.

Some random videos of Maddy being goofy.

Maddy's favorite game- "What comes next?"


Stacy O said...

I can't wait for Sydney to wake up from her nap so I can show her the new pics and videos. The gymnastics looks awesome!!! Maddy is so grown up, oh my goodness. Oh Mariah, I forgot about her! She stopped going to class right after you moved, I guess everyone was sad and that was her way to cope. ;)

Stacy O said...

Oh, and love the new landscaping, looks awesome!!

Stacy O said...

Love the Steve Winnie comment, I know huh? I didn't notice it until I saw the pics and thought, WTH?? Wish you could have been here too. :(

Jessica Zevely said...

Ok, so - yes, I have become quite a nerd lately. I bring socks in my purse wherever I go, since I always wear flip flops and I'm just too lazy to take them off and put them back on when I'm at home (or at someone's house)!!! I promise, I would never go out in public like that....I am only a nerd at home. Ha ha.
Maddy is SO cute, I can't believe how much she's grown!!! Good job you guys, she's amazing.