Thursday, June 5, 2008

What we've been up to.

Yeah yeah I know I haven't posted in a long time. I wish it could be because we were really busy but we weren't. Maybe (alright probably) I was just being lazy. So here's the haps for the last couple of weeks.

We spent Memorial Day at the Aquatic Center- that's the fancy name for the neighborhood pool. It's wasn't terribly warm so we had a lot of the space all to ourselves. Maddy LOVES it there. If I say anything about swimming she runs around and tries to find her swimming suit (or snow suit that's what she calls her swimming suit)

The following weekend (last weekend) my friends Kate and Carolyn came for a visit and we had loads of fun. It started with the tornado warning south of Chicago that delayed their flight 2 1/2 hours. Then the weather was perfect not to hot not too humid.

Saturday we took a harbor cruise on Lake Michigan to look at the skyline (or was it a something else?) Inside, joke but its too funny not to share. Here we are minding our own business on the boat and this girl next to us was standing (why I don't know there was plenty of room to sit) and her itty bitty skirt is flying all around unbeknownest to her. Poor Nate turned and got an eyeful of stripped panties, not much embarrasses Nate but I think this did. So then she finally notices her skirt flying all over and tried to hold it down but it was so windy I guess she just gave up. One of my friends, I'm not saying who, has pictures of the panties with maybe the Chicago skyline in the background. I know we are going to hell.

On Sunday we went to a suburb south of Chicago called Naperville to check out the area because there is a possibility that Kate's husband could get a job in this area. The town was super cute and we had a good time just walking on the River walk and playing at the playground. The highlight of Sunday was going to Ted's Montana Grill where the burgers are fantastic.

Monday Nate left for a business trip in Miami and Kate and Carolyn headed home.

So that's it not much happening, now you see why I haven't been updating this blog. ;o)


Stacy O said...

Wow, I beat Kate at commenting, a miracle!
Sounds like you are busy, so glad your girls came out to visit. The aquatic center looks fabu! Sydney would love it.

FlyingCats said...

Barely beat me.... I can't believe one of Traci's friends would photo someone's undies. Gross.