Monday, January 7, 2008

Chicago Winter? Bah!

We arrived in Chicago on Friday the 4th. On Sunday we set a record high temp of 60 degrees. right now it's only 6:15 in the morning and 58 degrees so it's going to be another warm day. Strangely enough, our little apartment's air conditioning isn't working so I need to get them to fix it. Do you think it will be a priority for them to fix the AC in Jan? I don't. :)

All we have done is drive around and familiarize ourselves with the area and shop. I was totally stoked to find a Chevy's in Shaumburg (only 11 miles or so away). What more could I ask for? Starbucks? Just down the road. Red Robin? Not to far away either. Hopefully I will find friends as easily as I found my favorite restaurants.

I haven't been very good about taking pictures but I will do better and get some posted in the next few days.


Stacy O said...

Yaaahhh Traci! I am so proud of you for setting this up. Yippee! SO glad you have a Chevy's too, otherwise you'd probably have to move back.

Jessica Zevely said...

You will find friends in no time, especially if you come back to WA!!! We miss you TeeWee!!! Love, Jess

ps.....check out my blog too :)