Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nap time? I don't think so.

Today when I put Maddy down for her nap, she kept calling me. She wanted me to lay down with her on her pillows then she wanted to jump and count and be silly. So eventually I got the camera out and recorded some of her antics.


Sorry its sideways, I thought I'd be able to turn it bur I can't. We can't get her to go to three but she will count to two forever.


Kate said...

Ha ha! I love toddler stalling tactics, and especially when they know they are adorable and endearing. Anyway, I scooped Mrs. O on posting a comment, :P to Stacy....

Love ya!

Stacy O said...

Apparently Maddy and Sydney went to the same counting school because Sydney counts, "1, 2, 5" over and over. I guess two is the number to be!

Perhaps Kate taught them how to count?? ;)hehe

Kate said...

If you listen to it just right, she could be saying 'mon dieu', French for 'let me out of here! I don't need no stinkin' nap!'