Thursday, January 17, 2008

YAY I exist in Illinois!!

I was finally able to get all of the proper documentation to prove I live in the Land of Lincoln. I have never been so excited to sit in line at the DMV in my life. I nearly aced the written test (only missed one question). Not bad since I had my adorable two year old with me.

Now that I am a Illinoisan (yes it's right, I looked it up), I enrolled Maddy in a music class that we can go to on Tuesday. Woo Hoo!!

Madelyn is excited that I exist here too!! Maybe she is just excited that she gets to go to music class.


Kate said...

Yay!!! I got my Cali license in the mail yesterday. Felt weird, though, when they punched a hole in my lovely WA. Good times.

How's Feb looking????

Stacy O said...

Oh my, how does Maddy look older to me every single week? Illinois is making you guys look way older, better move back! Congrats on existing too, that's always a good thing. :)

Stacy O said...

Sydney had to watch Maddy's videos 10 times today! Keep uploading them, we love them!!!!