Friday, January 11, 2008

Maddy at the park

This is the great park we found of Wednesday. There was a huge playground, three or four baseball fields, an ice rink (free) and a huge nature preserve with walking trails.

Maddy kept wanting to go under but she didn't like putting her hands on the ground. She was trying to limbo under and ended up falling on her tush. It was pretty funny to watch.

She was cracking up the whole time she was swinging, but I am not sure if it was because she was having fun or because the swing was squeaky. It was hilarious.

Here's Maddy mugging for the camera. She will find my camera and bring to me and say "cheese" This was on Monday but the picture was too cute and I had to post it. :)


Stacy O said...

That park looks sooo cool! I love the video too, Maddy is so flippin cute! Did she get a hair cut? She looks so old, how did this happen in just a matter of weeks? I am so glad you are doing a blog. We miss you girls so much! And am I the only one who reads this? Why doesn't anyone else comment????

Kate said...

Ok, she is a total ham! I need to get me one of those!!!! Or two, for that So glad you found a cool park. We're down to about 7 boxes left to unpack. I'm loving Long Beach. Such a contrast from Lynden and B-Ham. I'm in shopping mecca. Maddie cracks me up on that swing.

Can't wait for you to come and visit!!! I'll have to plan a trip out to see you too!!!!