Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The coldest weekend - ever!

This weekend was cold. Saturday the high was 7 with a windchill of -15.Here is a picture of Maddy almost ready to go outside. What you can't see are the 4 layers she has on under her coat. We went to the library on Saturday and then out to lunch but it was so cold I thought my ears might fall off. I don't know how the football players that played in Green Bay played in shirtsleeves.

So you are asking what do you do with a 2 year old when you can't really go outside and you are living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment?

You build a fort. This fort has it all, a Dora couch, a DVD player, play dough, letters and crayons. Maybe it was a little much for Maddy.

These next pictures could be black mail pictures for when she is older. She got out of the tub and insisted on playing in her fort and I couldn't get her dressed or comb her hair. Just remember kid, you asked for it. :)

Here is a video from my favorite time of day. Nap time! Maybe its the shirt... I just realized she has on the same shirt from the other video. My crazy girl.


Kate said...

Crazy girl!!! Too funny!!!! Heard it was cold! It's cold in LB too. Had to wear long pants today, and put on a sweater. Didn't get much above 60. LOL.

Larry & Pat said...

How much fun, a fort of her own. I think she has your number mom!