Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We are homeowners (almost)

Well, it's been awhile since my last post so here's the haps for the last week or so. After the bone chilling cold we actually warmed up to above freezing. We were out and about on Sunday and ended up in our sweatshirts because it was a toasty 34 degrees. If we were still in Seattle and it was 34 degrees we would be bundled up in our parkas. Funny how quickly you acclimate to weather changes

We made an offer on a house last night and they have accepted it. Now we just need to cross our fingers that our house sells. We have a contingent offer on our house and the people buying our house have an offer on their house so the optimist in me says its going to work out. I can see how one thing could have a huge domino effect and muck up the works.

Madelyn continues to grow and change daily. She cracks me up-- always wanting MORE it doesn't really matter what it is if she thinks its fun she wants more of it. Tickles, swinging, Frisbee throwing, dancing etc. Last night, while we were negotiating for the house we were throwing the Frisbee down the hall and she would run full speed to go and get it and bring it back to us. She did it for nearly a half an hour by the end of it she was so tired that she would try to run and her little legs would not cooperate and she'd stumble and so she'd have to slow down. but she kept at it until we put the Frisbee up. Here is a cute video of Nate teaching Maddy to throw the Frisbee.

As soon as I go take pictures of the new house I will post them or if you have access to a website that shows pictures of houses for sale you can put in MLS #06699758.

Here are some silly pictures. The first one is Maddy eating yogurt all by herself, I thought it was cute because she kept opening up her mouth really wide before the spoon was close. The middle picture is just a fun Maddy picture. She makes funny faces at me all the time. The last picture is Maddy trying to squish me while I lay on the floor. There were several variations of this picture taken because she thought I should take a picture of her socks (on her feet) so she was putting her feet up in the air and trying to get them in front of the camera.

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Stacy O said...

Congratulations, such a beautiful house! Looks like there is plenty of room for Lisa, Kristin and I to come stay-yeah, we might even bring the kids too. Keep us posted and post some pics of the house, the ones on the net are lame.